Please clarify extender magnification for me...

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Re: Please clarify extender magnification for me...

msowsun wrote:

tonyjr wrote:

Assuming the 1.4 is canon , there is a big difference between the 1.4 II and the 1.4 III - mostly in IQ on model II lenses [ bigger difference on the 70-200 mk II the on the 70-200 mk 1]

Your information is incorrect.

Older lenses will benefit only from the new glass design of the just announced mark III teleconverters. As of the AF improvement they will be the same as mark IIs.*

tonyjr said there was a big difference mostly in IQ ... and it seems by the canon statement that the only benefit of the iii design is the new glass - an implicit acknowledgement that there has been an improvement in  True that there would be no benefit to AF from ii to iii.

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