Domke F8 - Nice bag for an NEX-5N kit

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Re: Domke F8 - Nice bag for an NEX-5N kit

A few thoughts on bags...

One bag is never going to do it all. With any system, I'll end up with three of 4 different solutions. I'm still designing my NEX solution but so far have:

1. A Tamrac 3440:

This a great little bag for traveling light. It comfortably holds my NEX-6 with 16-50mm kit lens, a second lens (up to and including the SEL55-210), plus spare batteries, memory cards.

2. At the other end of the spectrum I have a mid-size photo backpack which will carry all of my NEX gear and some.

3. Next I have a padded insert that will fit into my hiking backpack or my laptop daypack.

This means I can carry the little Tamrac and put three more lenses on my back.

4. Finally, I shall be looking for a small backpack that will take the NEX, 4 lenses, a compact flash, plus batteries etc. If I can find the right product, it will likely be my most used bag.

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