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Re: K-5 HELP NEEDED!!!!!

samyb123 wrote:

I've had my K-5 for about 3 months, and just yesterday the screen as started flickering when turned on, this doesn't happen all the time, maybe every other time i turn it on. There's also a thin white bar at the top and bottom of the screen. Is this a serious problem? I can sort of live with it, but i don't want to make it any worse, if i send it back to jessops they say it won't be back til after christmas. Should i send it in or stick with it?

Sounds bad, so I'd send it back.  I believe the time Jessops say, though, because my K-5 had to go back for the sensor problem a couple of years ago and it took well over a month.

I was actually in the same boat - problem identified just abefore Christmas - and I waited until the new year.  At least I knew the sensor wouldn't die on me, but your choices seem to be (1) send it in now and know you'll get no holiday pics or (2) wait and hope.

What are the pictures like?  If they're OK you might be able to take photos even with a dead screen.

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