Should I revisit NEX with NEX6? Skin tone jpegs were not good for me with 5N

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Re: the six million dollar question!

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It's really very simple. Proper white balance gives you correct colors.

Again - "true" white is actually blue-ish daylight caused by the diffusion of sunlight through the earth's atmosphere (presumably?) i.e. just a different lighting environment. Why does a sodium-lit scene have to be edited to mimic this to be "correct"? That yellow cast was the correct color in that scene. You might not like that, and prefer true-blue white, which is fine - it's your choice, just like exposure or sharpening - but that does not make you more technical or correct (it does seem to make you a little more arrogant though ;-)).


Yes, "arrogant" is probably the perfect description for my comments. My apologies.

I keep forgetting this is a forum primarily for discussing equipment and any discussion about photography is probably a waste of time.

I bow to the experts here and, in the future, vow to keep my rude/uninformed comments to myself.

Thanks for repeatedly ignoring the substantive points I make, focusing instead on a parenthetical comment with added winking symbol, and being sarcastic with it.

Your original comment that I was addressing was, and I quote, "people who know something about photography (other than pushing a button) will see a problem" - this implies that you and others like you (who know something about photography) see a problem, of which the ignorant button-pushers are blithely unaware.

Either you are accusing me among others of being such an ignorant button-pusher, or you are deliberately ignoring my technical point (yes, made on a technical gear/discussion forum) for some evasive reason . I'll try it again, for a third time:

"True" white is actually blue-ish daylight caused by the diffusion of sunlight through the earth's atmosphere i.e. just a particular lighting environment. Why should this version of colour be a scientific standard? Sometimes it's more pleasing to use this as a reference/standard, sometimes not. I use it often. Sometimes anothe WB, or sepia-tone, or black and white work better. Why do you assume that blue daylight is the "correct" white/colour balance for every/any scene?

Are you going to address my point, like I did yours, or continue to ignore it?


I have no answer for you and can only provide the following quote:

"At its simplest – the reason we adjust white balance is to get the colors in your images as accurate as possible."
Read more:

The white balance settings you use are entirely up to you and only you know what's best for you.

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