My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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a brief summary of callibration

A lens hire place has an excellent article on this, but I can't remember where it is. Here's a summary as I remember it.

Both cameras and lenses are manufactured to be within tolerances, it is inevitable that they are not manufactured to the exact benchmark spec. In most cases dof makes up for the minutiae

So if you camera is a +10 and your lens is a -10 the two work perfectly. But your second body could well be a -10, in which case the same lens would appear to be -20 out. It may seem outrageous, but in actual fact, the two items weren't that far out.

If you send a lens or body away in isolation all the tech can do is match it to a benchmark - which is meaningless when it gets back on your hands. The two items have to be synched to counterbalance their individual inaccuracies.

Send a camera off with three lenses, and any other previously perfect lenses will no longer be matched if the tech changes the camera. Its an all or nothing kind of a deal, so watch out for that second body!

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