Brutally honest review of the EOS M.

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
graphikal Senior Member • Posts: 2,783

EngineSkull wrote:

graphikal wrote:

EngineSkull wrote:

Nice to see someone being honest about this camera. It's a flop, and I can't figure out how Canon justified releasing it. Awesome video, though.

Nice advertisement for your site. Your posting history shows your true intent here. Am I correct in assuming that you are Mr. Nichols himself?

Nope, I am not Chris. And the EOS M is still a piece of junk. The 18-55 is just as slow as the 22. How do I know? I'm at work using one right now.

Your use of this site is dishonest, because you haven't disclosed your connection to the reviewer.  Shame on you.  That's no way to grow a viewership.

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