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Wishing for a good lens...

So, the GRD have come back from the service. "We have completed the repair and the following repair actions carried out: * firmware updated * Cleaned"

I don't know for sure menas that it is a new lens but it is definitely soft as before in the corners and towards the edges as well. Not sure however I would bother myself with a last attempt at it or not..

And it almost makes me regret that I actually just paid one or two days ago for a new lens assembly for the 500SE which I decided that would renovate. Now with previous experiences I know that Convar QC simply somehow fails, too often and that there probably is a very small chance of getting it replaced for a goo lensunit. I've tried that before with the 400G. At least the GX100 came out well but still with a wrongly glued front ring at the factory which I had to correct it myself.

I can't believe that the Convar service let that slip out of the service senter. Them should have sent that lensunit back to the Chinese factory asap and demanded a replacement. Noone should have to take BS like that.

From my usual simple walltest below. It works quite well to disclosure however a lens is good or not from my experience. This way I don't need to bother myself to use potentially bad gear to take pictures only to since realise that it was not as good as it should be.

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