Goodbye DPReview Challenges

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Re: Goodbye DPReview Challenges

OldArrow wrote:

Please note the difference between hosts. Some do care about their themes, the way they're presented, explained and controlled... the others do not care from the moment they set it up until the end, regardless of frustration that their negligence causes to the entrants (and correct hosts as well). Would you really like to be judged by one such "expert"?

I did not say "one such expert". All the hosts and only the hosts would vote in ALL the challenges. It would be easier to find the lazy/bad/cheating hosts and give you the grounds to eliminate them.

Reading this fourm what I see is mostly complaints and proposed rule changes/additilons to stop the cheating, I would say there is damn little fun or learning going on in the challenges right now.

Voters comparing their votes to the final tally to see if they think like most of the other voters is not going to ease the cheating minority of the site.

This is a competition and voting competitions will always have issues and voters with agendas, watched any olymipc gymnastics or skating competitions?

You need to eliminate general voting or force a voter to rate every entry in a challenge and live with the results. You did say cheating was a minority, correct?

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