NEX-6 Question Re Wireless Uploading of Images to Local Network Computer

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Re: NEX-6 Question Re Wireless Uploading of Images to Local Network Computer

Gary H wrote:

My wife's NEX-6 arrived. Very nice. Faster than my NEX-7. Also, the Sony case is really nice. I keep my almost five month old poodle downstairs, but when I chase her off the stairs she extracts a payment. This time, I had just unpacked the camera that arrived this PM. In a few minutes I setup the camera for my wife and it was to be sitting on the kitchen island.. which is five by seven feet.. waiting for my wife to return home from work. Well, Aluna.. the dog .. managed to get the instructions, which were dead center on the island, and tear them to very small pieces.

I've downloaded two of the few apps, but wanting to upload the images to a local network drive, or computer and not to Facebook. Is there such functionality? I'm guessing by going through the menu system that the answer is "No"!

Yes there is and you don't have to install any special apps. It does take some one-time setup:

1. You will need to install PlayMemories on the computer. Also get that talking to the NEX via USB and tell PlayMemories where you want images stored. There's also an option to enable uploading via WiFi although I think that was enabled by default.

2. On the NEX-6 configure your WiFi access point including password etc.

After that, uploading the images from the camera to the computer via WiFi is really easy:

Menu | Playback | Send to Computer

One caveat: after a couple of days, it all stopped working for me. After a lot of messing around, I went into Control Panel | Devices and Printers. I deleted the NEX-6 entry and rebooted the machine. On the next attempt to upload, it reinstalled the drivers and has been solid ever since.

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