Casio EX-ZR1000 available now on Amazon (Europe & Asia only)

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Carl bcn
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Re: Casio EX-ZR1000 available now on Amazon (Europe & Asia only)

I just become aware that there was some kind of ZR1000 presentation a week ago in my city (Barcelona). It looks like it was very sport-oriented, since it took place at the official sport school (the place where people go to become sport teachers/trainers, etc.):

The article is written in spanish, but honestly, there is barely anything worth mentioning. It looks like it was just a meeting to provide an explanation of the possibilities that a low-budget high-speed technology solution as the ZR1000 means for movement analysis, sport etc. Not too many photographers in there, I guess (unless they just happen to be athletes too).

It's been a while since I started my little research about this camera, and it strikes me as odd that there are so few marketing efforts to back it up (at least that I am aware of so far). Not only they (Casio) left early and weren't available at Photokina for answering Dpreview staff questions (or at least that is what I gathered from Richard Butler's words in another thread, if memory serves me right) - furthermore, they seem to bypass altogether any promotional planning, and when they do, it's fully oriented to a pretty small niche as cheap high speed movement analysis is. The fact that the ZR1000 is not being released in America and the UK adds to the weirdness of it, doesn't it? Or maybe they're just targetting european/asian athletes, not worldwide photographers? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to critizise Casio, I'm sure they know how to run their business. It's just that I'm a bit at a loss here...

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