OMD: Can I take the same pictures with the 12mm f2.0 and the 17mm f1.8 ?

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Re: The pictures are not fine.....


I appreciate your advice about the distortion in the pictures, i'll pay attention to this kind of thing. However my main objective for now is to take in-focus pictures with my shooting style. Tihs means I need gear that focuses very fast, which is why i'm looking into the olympus lenses. The third picture I posted was using the center focus area, but either the lens or the camera focused too slowly and as result the shot was ruined.

As I said, for the kind of pictures I take, I have about a 1-second window, and I need my camera to focus extremely fast and take the shot right away.

I don't think buying the E-M5 was a waste of money, as I recognize it's an expensive toy for me, I have no need to take pictures, I just enjoy playing with it.

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