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Re: AF and the 1,200USD market Re: D400/D8000 incoming...

seahawk wrote:

The question is how high would the D400 price need to be?

Dunno, but I'd assume that it would be at/near the same price the d300 was, maybe $1800, maybe less, if they're feeling the need to keep the price closer to the 7dII.

They can sell the sensor in a D3200 for less than 600$.

They sold the body and AF in the D300S for less than 1600$ for quite some time now.

They sell the processor in the V1 line for less than 800$.

I think they could launch a D400 style camera at 1499$ if they want to. Which imho would a hugely attractive product and sell like crazy. Considering Nikon has become more aggressive in its product launches, I can see it happen.

I suppose that is a reasonable guess, but I don't know why they'd do that low of a price at launch.  They could easily get more for it and leaving money on the table isn't smart business.  Even at $1500, there should be a d7000 replacement between it and the d5200, to offer a good, reasonably priced, upgrade path for the folks with the d3000 and d5000 cameras.  They aren't going to like a $600 or more price difference, but it's already proven that the d7k sold well at the $1200 and lower price points.  Selling both the d400 and d7100 at their old price points seems quite reasonable and logical to me.  I expect to see the d400 first and the d7100 about 6 months later, simply because that's the way they've normally done business. They want to sell as many of the higher priced cameras as they can, without telling anyone that a lower priced camera is in the pipeline, just as they did with the d800 and d600.

Regardless, I wouldn't expect to see a d400 at any lower than the MSRP for the d300s and would happily eventually buy 2 at that price.  Of course, that is assumes that I was happy with the 1st one and there weren't any issues with the camera at launch. Given Nikon's QC these days, buying a new camera isn't always an easy decision.


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