Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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seems like you are more pi***ed of at something than the OP is ;-)

Tony Sx wrote:

You're p*ssed off with Canon. Fair enough. You think Nikon is the answer. Fair enough. But what makes you think that in another couple of years you won't be p*ssed off with Nikon?

Why not consider getting p*ssed off with Pentax or Sony or any other manufacturer? And please don't make some asinine comment such as "It's either Canon or Nikon".

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Banned in the News Forum.

well, most people who swear by nikon and canon has a point,the problem is not much with the option in terms of lens and cams, but the resale value once you decide to jump ship again, as OP said he can almost get back 70% of the original price on lenses and even on flashes .

i sold all my canon gear recently and got 80% after 2,5 years of working with it,i lost nothing on one cam and i lost 5% on the main cam , (i buy only used cams).

try that with your sony or pentax or whatever.

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