How to extend battery life in cold weather

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Re: How to extend battery life in cold weather

imarollingstone wrote:

I was thinking about rubber banding the hand warmers that you use in gloves to the camera to try and keep it warmer. Does anyone have other suggestions?

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I did precicely that for my A700. I was doing a christmas parade  in a -20c snow storm at night (just say no folks) I had 2 of these units that you light and it smolders a little bar of carbon. one was on the bottom of the camera and the other was attached with bands to my flash. I had the flash on it's foot on the end of my mono pod so I could direct it where I want and it would bounce off the falling snow back into the lens. this worked well for about the 3 hours I was out there.  spares I keep inside my coat and went though one set for the flash. the camera was ok..  watch for condensation and melting snow. I put the heater inside mittens. If I have to do this again I might get some socks and make proper pouches for them so I can slide them on like ... well socks and hold the things together that way.

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