Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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there is nothing wrong with the nikon flash system

ToTheEnd wrote:

Could you please be more specific on that as I do studio shoots from time to time (with Elinchrom stuff)?

with studio strobes you dont use P, tv or av modes anyway, you set up the camera in M mode and SS at it´s fastest sync mode and use the aperture for exposure control (on d700 and d800 it´s 1/250 but you get cleaner results at 1/200 with the skyport and elin strobes, unlike on my previous canons that was 1/160 with studio strobes.

On the Canon, I generally select Tv mode and stay in the 1/60 to 1/80 area... what is the issue with the Nikon?



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there is no issue with nikon flash system, and it´s easier to use than the canons ,one simply has to read the manual once and it´s that simple.i got used to the system in a couple of days shooting,but i dont use the Nikon flashes much in TTL mode either( except for event shooting).

i have a SB800 and one SB900 and 5 old SB24s , cheap as dirt but in manual settings with some trick (hypersync and not FP sync) you get them to sync cleanly at 1/3200s(i mean 3200) without any can do it with your elinchromes too as long as it´s the slow speed flashheads, the d-lites and the S heads on ranger are ok. wont work with the A heads.

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