Is my DA15 a horrible copy? (pictures)

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Re: Is my DA15 a horrible copy? (pictures)

nicbrindell wrote:

Hey Guys, so I brought this lens from a ebayer who was swapping systems and i think this lens has a terribly soft/bad left side, this photo was taken at f8 and the whole left side is just horrible, thoughts? and what can i do? (i get this in alot of shots with this lens)

I've looked at the large version in your gallery.  The only part of the image that is crisp is the bottom right, which has all the near tyires.  You don't have anything at top right to show CAs but the trees on the horizon are soft, which they shouldn't be at f/8 with this lens if you focused at a normal distance.

If you focused there and recomposed it could just be a DOF issue; if you focused further away the lens might have FF.  Either way, as Nina said you should do some more tests before writing it off.

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