GH3 - any shutter shock?

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Re: GH3 - any shutter shock?

I am no expert on the mechanical design, but the shutter on all m43 cameras is always open in its 'normal' setting to allow the live view to work. So on a standard exposure with mechanical shutter activation, the shutter has to first close before the exposure, then open during the exposure, close to end the exposure, then finally open again to enable live view to work for the next picture.

On the GH2, that shutter dance was quite loud and created the shutter shock.

Using the electronic shutter, the mechanical shutter doesn't move at all, and stays open all the time. The only moving part during the electronic shutter picture taking process is the aperture mechanism in the lens, which still has to close down, assuming you are not shooting wide open. But that is much less likely to cause any vibration.

I still need to read the manual

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