GH3 - any shutter shock?

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Re: GH3 - any shutter shock?

Thanks - that is very interesting!

I'd forgotten about the electronic shutter - good news indeed!

I'm not too sure how it works, but does the normal shutter play any part in the exposure using the electronic shutter? For example does it have to open (or perhaps close) before or after the electronic exposure takes place?

It would be very interesting to hear from you when you've had a chance to take some more photos as to whether there is any photographic evidence of shutter shock with the two forms of shutter.

I gather the effect is thought to be due to shock induced movement of the IS mechanism and is confined to certain lenses and certain shutter speeds, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong!

I’ve just compared my GF1 & EOS 5DII. While the GF1 is quieter, I can feel what seems to be a slight high frequency vibration. My lens does not have IS, so I am assuming (hoping!) there is no shutter shock effect. The EOS has a comparatively loud clunk – as opposed to the GF1’s click – and there is no discernible vibration but, perhaps, a very, very small jerk.

I guess it would be easy enough to test by comparing shots using a very fast speed, or flash, to eliminate ordinary camera shake, with & without a very substantial tripod to hopefully damp any vibration/shock.  I’ll give it a go with both of them when I get a few minutes.

Let’s wait & see if there is any other info out there!


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