Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: My answer for flare.

GMack wrote:

I did the "hat shade trick" for a while until I began to get it in the shot doing HDR. Above works better as I can see it in the viewfinder when setting up and doesn't move into the scene like my hat did.


I have difficulty to recall when I really got into trouble because of flare and glare. I fact I can’t remember but a case some three years ago in New Forest with Tokina 11-16 at that time, grad filter made it worse but just the position and angle was tricky. And if there is someone more different from "golden hour shooters" it’s me because I can and do shoot literally any time any light and position. Shooting handheld can no doubt be quite different.

I cast a bit of shadow with tips of my fingers or hand so that no light gets into front of the lens area each time direct light of a strong source touches it. I do and did it with all my lenses as the glare is pretty unpredictable and will escape one’s attention in the field. I reckon it’s some 25-30% of shooting. I shield it with my hand while standing by the camera with the remote in other hand. So it requires one hand free but that’s what I've got most of the time. it gives me mostly no trouble, no hand getting into the frame or a problem to see the effect in the viewfinder but in some very very rare cases when it is all about one mil movement I can get a help from my wife (ok now I see another case from half a year ago). I guess a wife on a shoot can be a bit of a complication for many though as they are relatively heavy to lug around and have a free will on the top of that;-) - same from a photographer woman's perspective I think.

For shooting hand held the flare/glare prone lens poses always problems to me. Matter of a lens design, ever present compromises and growing requirements for a lens. So please work hard Nikon.

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