Considered moving back from the 15-85mm to the 18-55mm kit lens

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Re: Considered moving back from the 15-85mm to the 18-55mm kit lens

technic wrote:

Ralph46 wrote:

Thanks to all who have contributed so far. I wasn't surprised to hear that even experienced photographers praise the 18-55mm IS kit lens. The resolution of this almost "giveaway" lens is very good and the value is amazing.(...)

The Photozone revue does mention this contra light problem. So I am surprised that both lenses compared here scored the same 3.5 stars for optical quality. I believe that this evaluation is given independant of the price, so I don't really understand it.

I fully agree with your findings. I used the 18-55IS some years ago (tested four different copies, all were very similar!) and currently use 15-85IS. The 18-55IS is a great lens especially looking at resolution up to about 50mm focal length. But it has a nasty flare problem, even when the sun is not in the frame e.g. with high contrast scenes the blacks will turn into grey locally (almost impossible to correct in PP).

Yes,exactly that:the 18-55 IS has really huge issues with flare in strong sunlight,unfortunately not only when shooting directly against the sun (which,just like the OP,is the kind of shots I like the most) with random,unpredictable flaring effects but also in strong indirect sunlight.In ideal lighting conditions and IMHO when mildly stopped down,as I'm getting the best results in the f6.3-f9 range is indeed surprisingly good,after using it as my primary lens for a while I can see what the reviews are talking about-however after f10 I can tell that the image quality deteriorates dramatically (at least with my 1000D) and the issues with strong sunlight are really major,many shots turn out to be unusable for me.

At first I couldn't see why it was considered so much better when compared to the non-IS version,after getting more of an eye for this,I can definitely tell it is way better,again some shots in ideal conditions are really impressive,nice colors,nice contrast,lots of details:but,outside of these conditions,it leaves a lot to be desired.And it has a lot of distortion,too.I've read some interesting considerations,personally I find the actual issue to be that it's really cheap,and anything better than it costs quite a lot more,there's nothing in between.

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