Extended Warranty for RX100

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Re: Extended Warranty for RX100

johnny 99 wrote:

I never buy extended warranties. If a product is so unreliable that an extended warranty becomes interesting, I'd rather buy a more reliable product to begin with. However, if you really want an extended warranty, I think Sony will give you one for free if you buy the camera directly from their web site.

I always buy extended warranties and now that they often offer Accidental Damage coverage, I get that type. No matter how well-made and reliable a camera is, breakdowns can occur. Over the years, I've received four times as much in the value of repairs, as I paid for the extended warranties.

There's another important reason to get an extended warranty, especially one that covers any damage from dropping or getting it wet. This is the piece of mind you get, from knowing it's covered. With a warranty, you are more free to use a camera extensively and take it into a hazardous place. if you wear it out within the warranty period, you get a new or refurbished one or possibly a newer model that is its replacement.

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