FZ200 VS Nikon D5100

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Re: FZ200 VS Nikon D5100

Mikedigi wrote:

Paul Pasco wrote:

If you are really trying to compare the IQ of the two cameras, you need to shoot the same subject at the same time with as close to the same settings as possible.

Exactly. It actually takes quite a bit of thought, and therefore time, to set up a fair test. Using 2 tripods helps, and exposure bracketing, so that exposures can be comparable, and exactly the same framing, and so on.

My gripe about DPR studio tests is that on DSLRs they do not even test the camera with its kit zoom lens on, but with a prime - whereas most people just buy a kit lens or two. It's unreal.


People would have just as much justifiable complaints if they used glass that compromises a DSLR image quality and it takes a long time to set up all those shots so you can't expect them to do the tests with multiple lenses.

I do agree that many people use so-so kit or iffy superzoom lenses on their cameras that end up leaving the camera with worse overall IQ than a much smaller, less expensive P&S.

My biggest peeve with dpreview...or at least the way people interpret the results, is ISO comparisons. The Nikon V1 is a prime example (or lack of prime...if you get my drift.)  People will compare the V1 at the same ISO as, say the Fuji X10 and declare the V1 superior, despite the fact that there is almost no fast glass for the V1.  Ditto for comparisons of say the Canon S100 against the Olympus XZ-1.  At portrait lengths the S100 needs to run a full 2 f-stops higher ISO...which changes the comparison completely.

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