Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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Re: Wow.

Thank you for taking the time to so eloquently offer your insight! I completely agree with you on your parenting philosophies!

This will be, by far, the largest single purchase we have ever made for her. I agree with the "fickleness of teens" observation; but, she has been taking classes and shooting photos for many years. We have stepped her up through simple P&Ss to advanced ones. Now, she has noticed that they are severely lacking for her knowledge and ability. Not to mention that advanced P&S prices are way up there!

I also agree with you about teaching the value of money. That is why I wouldn't even think about this purchase without her contribution normally.

But, this isn't a normal time: it's her 16th birthday, and it's Christmas. She is perfectly happy with receiving a single gift which combines both of those events when she is receiving something very special. She will not be having a $5,000+ Sweet 16 party like her friends all do (nor will she be getting a car!) - she has been raised to be much more practical than that!

The money for this has been saved for a year and a half. It's the $15 per week that is put aside for her not going to the movies, the mall, the itunes website:-). So, in a way, she is paying for her own gift completely!

She is not doing the research, because it is a gift.

But, again, I share your philosophies, and I thank you:-)

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