5D mk2 Shutter Actuation Follow-Up

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Re: 5D mk2 Shutter Actuation Follow-Up

landscaper1 wrote:

O.K., here's the scenario ...

The camera body reads 46,870 shutter actuations on EOSinfo. The seller says he has proof (and will provide it) that Canon replaced the shutter only a couple of thousand actuations ago.

Does it make sense that a new shutter would still indicate the number of actuations accumulated by the previous shutter?

Does it make sense that a shutter with less than 50,000 actuations would need to be replaced in the first place?

This inquiring mind wants to know.

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The shutter is only part of the story and only part of the mirror box assembly..

The mirror box is the 'heart' of a camera and it is there that the total number of camera actuations is stored.

If only the shutter is replaced the number of camera actuations remains the same.

If the mirror box is replaced then the camera actuations are reset to zero.

Shutters are mechanical and mechaanical things can and do fail - some earlier than others and some later than others.

Canon quote Mean Time Between Failures  - MTBF - statistics but this means that some fail earlier and some later than the statistics predict.

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