Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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Re: Wow.

BobSC wrote:

MicheleR wrote:

And if not, well, at least she isn't one of those teens who has shopping at the mall as her hobby:-)

Ha! You might be wishing she was when she starts wanting a 300 f/2.


Seriously though, I admire you for raising her to be dedicated to her athletics. The discipline she has learned will help her the rest of her life. Good photography also requires discipline, so she has an advantage. She also knows the sport, so she has a big advantage over a general local photographer. Being able to anticipate the proper moment to release the shutter is most of the challenge.

If you haven't found yet, go there. They are the worlds largest reseller of used gear. You can quickly see how much different stuff sells for. I'm thinking you want the 70-200 and a pro or semi pro body. In Nikon, the 70-200 sells for $1500, while in Canon it's more like 1100, although they have a "bargain" quality lens right now for $860. Bargain means dings, scratches, and maybe visible stuff in the glass, but optically sound. With a six month guarantee. I don't know anything about Canon bodies. In Nikon, that $1500 soaks allmost all your budget.

Thank You, Bob!

I'm kind of hoping that by the time she's good enough to even know that a 300 f/2 exists, she will be out on her own with a good paying job:-D

Bargains are best at this point. If it's already dinged and scratched, she won't be intimidated to use it; and I won't be sitting on the floor under the tripod with my hands outstretched ready to catch it if it falls!'s 6 month guarantee is great. After I do some hands-on tests, I will make sure to check their pricing and availability. Thanks Again!

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