GH3 - any shutter shock?

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Re: GH3 - any shutter shock?

Phil1 wrote:

I wonder if one reason for increasing the mass and size of the GH3 was to limit the effects of shutter shock. Perhaps they added improved shock absorption to the shutter mechanism as well.

It would be interesting to hear from early adopters if shutter shock is noticeable on the GH3 & to compare it, if possible, with the EM5.

Any thoughts?


I have just added a note to my other thread with my first pictures about the shutter. With the normal mechanical shutter, it is much quieter and with less shock than my old GH2. In a quiet room, held at arms length, I can hear the shutter and feel a very slight vibration in my hand. But in normal shooting in the street yesterday, I couldn't hear the shutter above the ambient noise and did wonder if it was actually working - it was

There is also the electronic shutter which is entirely noise and vibration free, but it has some limitations on the range of shutter speeds that can be used.

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