My first pictures with the new GH3 !!

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Re: A few new ones, and with 7-14mm

Marlomarlo wrote:

How good are the pictures when you use the GH3's electronic shutter? And, if you happen to know, is its quieter shutter close to the quietness of the OM-D EM-5?

I'm looking for a micro four thirds camera to use alongside my LX-7 (which I bought after selling my LX-5), though ideally it would almost completely replace it as my main work camera. Obviously, I'm not a professional photographer, and I don't actually need a really good camera. But I do really want one. And yes, I will buy lenses for it. For heavy work use, though, it would need to be very quiet, which is one of the reasons why I've been using point-and-shoots. I've heard that the OM-D EM-5 is fairly quiet, so I'm very interested in that. But I also like the GH3 because of the electronic shutter option and incredible video capabilities -- which I could possibly make some use of if I had it but don't really need right now.

Hi, thanks for the comments. I don't have a OM-D to compare, but the GH3 shutter is much quiter than the GH2 - and less shutter vibration too. You can just hear it in an empty room with the camera held at arms length but outdoors yesterday I couldn't hear it at all above normal street noise.

The electronic shutter is silent, of course, but the default setting is that Panny add an electronic shutter noise to the electronic shutter   So I had to dig into the menus again to turn that off to get quiet shooting. I have only played with that a wee bit, so far, but I would imagine it is great for tele lenses and macro, when you want to be free of any vibration.

The electronic shutter does not reduce the image quality at all compared to normal shooting (same resolution etc.) but there are a few limitations in the range of possible shutter speeds but I need to read the manual to get to find out what they are.

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