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Re: I should have added

i am keeping my G12 -- although when the G15 came out with that dedicated video button.. I wanted it, but then no swivel screen.. but it can zoom and re focus while recording on video.. but then I learned how to install the CHDK hack on teh G12 by watching a youtube video! after all these years of the hack being available!

now I can zoom and re focus (auto focus) while recording on video.. except that it doesn;t have the dedicated red video button.. CHDK prolonged the "life" of the G12 with me
maybe when the G16-- will have all I want in a high end, all the buttons and wheels and bells and whistles of a compact point and shoot...the things I want to have..
1. built in shutter cover for the lens (no lens caps please)

2. flippy screen (3 inches at 921k minimum please)
3. dedicated video record button

4. can re-focus/auto focus while recording on video

5. make that OVF an EVF- fast/responsive and at least 2 million pixels

6. same/similar body design as the G12/15

7. 12-14 MP just so I can have more pixels when I crop just in case..

8. 24mm to 200mm? or 28-200mm like the NIkon P7700 is fine as well..but no lens caps please haha

9. The most important.. a hybrid Phase detect and Contrast detect AF like the Nikon 1 series cams!

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