X-E1 RAW sample processed from LR4.

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Already on it..

abelits wrote:

ahuyevshi wrote:

I have an X-E1, I'm more than happy with it and have posted images in this thread specifically.

I'm not vested in the results but more vested in the perception people such as yourself bring to DPReview in general. Armchair critics who either collect gear or critique gear they can't afford based on someone else's post.

I'm beginning to think you either have multiple personalities or are not the only one using your account.

Can we actually discuss the problem at hand? I have shown that it's easy to generate a PGM file (raw gray pixmap) with dcraw, that can be used to test demosaicing techniques. I have also mentioned a usable way of plugging Silkypix into Lightroom. If someon from Adobe was listening, that would sufficient for them to get off their asses and spend 1-3 months of one engineer's time to talk to Fujifilm and fix the algorithm (a pocket change for any Adobe executive, cost of wrapping paper for retail boxes, or some other ridiculous equivalent for the company of their size). If someone wants to give a try, he can write Silkypix wrapper for Lightroom. If I will be fed up with Silkypix and Wine, I may try to work on better demosaicing.

But this? I have seen more productive discussions on 4chan.

Agreed.. Let's move on.. I already threw together a quick python wrapper for batch conversion with DCRAW but I'm SoL until it supports the X-E1 raw files..

Going to have to change my workflow a bit and pick up a Thunderbolt drive first. Wrapper will search a directory for jpg's and if it exists convert the associated rar and output TIFF to Lightroom.

Nothing fancy

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