X-E1 RAW sample processed from LR4.

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Re: Get lost creep

And how do you explain every one of your troll posts?

Fuji Fanboi? I bought an XP1 and returned it after a week of shooting because it didn't fit my needs. If you actually look through some of my posts here prior to a few weeks ago, they are all in either Canon or M/43 Panny/Oly and even some in the Leica forum.

If you wanted to call me a Fanboi, i've made more OMG love this Oly EP2 posts than I've ever made about the Fuji.

To which I might add I've added images from each. I find it almost unbelievable that all your bitching and moaning about the RAW files coming from your other's yet not a peep about any of the shortcomings of the XP1.

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