Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

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I figured out why the slide duplicator was wobbly. There are two small phillips-head screws holding a black piece of metal on to the bellows at the end where the duplicator attaches. Those screws were loose, so the whole assembly was pitching forward.

The problem I had with vertical/horizontal planes not matching up is fixable by moving the camera plane of the bellows a bit, but there's not much room to do that, and there's not really a way I can think of to secure that fix.

I also noticed that the FD->Nex adapter has just enough play in it to throw the alignment off a little bit, so I was losing just a bit of the bottom and left sides. (Probably not enough to notice if I wasn't using a calibration slide.)

The other problem I had with the FD mount was that I had the lens set on Auto instead of setting a random f-stop. I didn't know that FD lenses won't attach to an FL mount if they're set on "A." Doh.

Here's a useful link to a bunch of old Canon Manuals I found via the Wayback Machine:

This site was useful, too:

One last question, this is about Reversing Rings:

1) If I want to mount my Leica 35mm Summicron backwards on the bellows, I would first get a 55mm to FD mount reversing ring, and then a 39mm to 55mm step up ring, correct?

Thanks again to everyone for their input. It's been very educational.


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