Finally shots of my daughter...

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Re: Finally shots of my daughter...

I shoot lots of portraits, HS Seniors included.  Think about using just a window and the reflector.  Its constant light so you can see it and its soft light so young ladies will approve.  I've made a lot of customers very happy using only a window and a reflector.

Check out Black Foamy Thing   I can't imagine shooting an event without a piece of black foam on each flash. Really good site to learn about using flash.  After that you're into umbrellas, softboxes etc etc.

You can do wonders with one light, even if the light is a window, and a reflector.  Most importantly, learn about high key vs low key, lighting ratios and the 4 properties of light: Intensity, Color, Direction and Quality (Hard or Soft).  That'll get you thinking and planning, sort of like a road map which is useful even if you know how to drive.

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