Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Re: Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

em_dee_aitch wrote:

olindacat wrote:

This is not a negative or a positive thread on Mack. It is just a chronology.

I will continue to update this as things transpire.

Mack has good reason to be shuffling in lieu of the storm. My only point is as a safety net for us, no matter what, we should be able to describe our experiences honestly, without shame.

One post here questions my need to shoot 116-pages of editorial. I own the publication and thus know my page count. I am paid by Maui's courses to shoot their fairways for publication each year by 1/1. So, I know what I need to do.

OK. This explains part of what I consider your problematic thinking. You are probably primarily a publisher who is only a "photographer" in a secondary or tertiary sense. I would imagine that most of your time is not spent in photography per se. Perhaps this is why you don't have the normal complement of backup equipment that a "photographer" would have. And also why you are not paying yourself adequately as a "photographer" to have said backup equipment on hand. This is really a problem of your own professional priorities and not any problem of Mack. I would never shame you for sharing your experiences, but I will call misplaced angst when I see it.

Another post asked why I didn't have a D600 as a back-up. I do. But a D600 isn't a D800E. Sorry, but I love the D800E.

Two points on this:

If you consider the D800E as absolutely essential, you should own 2 or 3 or them and not complain about this situation, as it is totally your fault. In essence, you should be criticizing yourself and asking others to learn from you rather than seeking to place any blame on any insurance/warranty program via your laments on what you perceive as their slowness (which is actually a normal service level for such programs). If you want the utmost in insurance speed, you really need to look at something like the Hill-Usher (agent Richard Reyes) program that professional photographers often buy. But even that cannot replace backup equipment.

Second, please show me a copy of your printed publication that is high enough resolution to reveal the difference between your D800E and D600.

I understand being very attached to your primary camera... That is why I own two of my primary cameras, and my third (spare) body is a former primary camera to which I am still very partial.

My only goal here is to bare out the process and the facts as they come, so future buyers of these warranties will manage their own expectations accordingly.

Takeaway: Never rely on any insurance or warranty to resolve something fast enough to eliminate the need for owning backup equipment with which you can feel satisfied. There is NO insurance/warranty in the entire industry designed to be that fast. And frankly it would be physically impossible to do so, because breakages can result an hour prior to a shoot or during a shoot. Your problem really has zero to do with "future buyers of warranties."

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David you are downright insulting. Here is a link to my magazine:

I don't need D800E for print only: I give the courses huge enlargements 120" x 36" or more.

Just because I self-publish has no bearing on how much I shoot. Making assumptions as you have is deliberately hostile and I resent it.

I am not "very attached" to any camera. I just like the D800E I think it is a super camera. The D600 is easily going to meet my needs. A D7000 or even a D2X can too. If I have to, I have plenty of Velvia 50 for my Sinar and Toyo 8x10s too. Give me a break about who I am. This was just a consumer who bought a form of coverage documenting how things go down.

Why I have to document my motives to you is absurd, but I do it in the spirit of trying to exchange in this forum.

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