Canon EOS M vs a entry dSLR (Rebel).

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Re: Canon EOS M vs a entry dSLR (Rebel).

Momotarou wrote:

Raymond Cho wrote:

Thanks for that

With the A510 it took nice pictures in the daytime, but at night even with a tripod, everything was so noisy that the image itself became unsharp. Was also the lowest ISO - 50 that it had. Just out of interest, were all P&S cameras like this, how are P&S now?

P&S have gotten better. On my SX50 I was able to get decent handheld night shots. The focus was slow, and a lot of blown out lighting but, the noise was low.

Agree - I get pretty good low light images on my S95.

The EOS-M is significantly better than that though, and you have the option to add a faster lens which can help to keep required ISO low in a hand held or motion scene (i.e. where you need faster shutter speeds). However, even with the kit zoom (which is quite slow), I can handhold images at 200-400 ISO in low light conditions and still get pleasingly clean images (with the aid of IS)

However, I think the current generation 18 megapixel APS-C sensors in the 7D/T4i/EOS-M etc are noiser than the last APS-C I bought, which was a 40D (10 megapixels).

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