Nikon D800 Minimum PC Spec

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Re: Nikon D800 Minimum PC Spec

Horshack wrote:

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Horshack wrote:

I had an i7 860 OC to 3.5ghz and it still wasn't fast enough for my taste using LR4. I'm in the process of building an i7 3770k which I expect to run at 4.5ghz. I would get the fastest processor you can afford.

You will gain far more performance gain in upgrading your video card than buying an i7 then OC it, at 4.5ghz, it will require a top notch cpu cooler for it to be stable. Adobe Lightroom like Photoshop now supports open CL in video cards(cuda cores), check out the video link below.

CPU(intel) VS GPU(nvidia)

This would be the card to get, Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II, it comes factory over clocked with GPU tweak utility. If you can wait, Intel's Haswell line will be out sooner than later, this should add a bit more boost in the CPU front and battery life in laptops. Good luck in over clocking your rig.

LR4 doesn't utilize CUDA and according to Adobe would take a lot of work to do so:

You are right, that is unfortunate because my PS(CUDA support) is blazing fast, hopefully, Adobe Lightroom supports CUDA in the near future. Sorry I mislead you, I thought LR supports CUDA since PS supports it and both have the same raw converter engine engineered by Adobe.

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