P&S cameras for snorkeling?

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Re: P&S cameras for snorkeling?

BobT wrote:

My son is planning a trip to Hawaii in the future, and would like to take some pictures while snorkeling. I know that there are some P&S cameras that are considered waterproof to a specific depth. Maybe 10-15'. That might be deep/shallow enough. But what about the salt water element?

What sorts of options might he have? Thanks.

I think all of these cameras are a real compromise.  The image quality can be very weak.  I have a Sony TX-5 and it is pretty terrible, but you know the saying, the best camera is the one you have with you, and when underwater, this is the camera I have with me.  I don't use it out of the water, at all.  You can get some decent underwater images with it, but they all seem to require post processing.  My advice:  Make sure whatever camera you buy has a wide angle capability (say, at least 25mm -- 35mm equivalent), as the water makes the lens act less wide.  I think the "crop factor" underwater is 1.33.  Also, when underwater, take a lot of pictures because the keeper rate is pretty low.  I don't know if it is a good camera, but the Panasonic TS20 can be had pretty cheap.

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