Breaking news or is it ? XZ2 price drop

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Re: Breaking news or is it ? XZ2 price drop

technic wrote:

Corian Spirit wrote:

Have you ever taken a picture using a tablet such as iPad ? That is convenient for taking a picture at anytime with good quality.

yeah convenient for sure. Reminds me of that recent press picture of a crowd watching the Spaceshuttle drive by ... I wondered why so many where holding a huge plate in front of their head, but then I got it, this is progress

Lol yeah that is because those crowds prefer carrying tablets instead of real camera. tablets are so easy to use due to its large screen. This proves my point, the XZ will be for niche market only. Olympus will lose money if they are in niche market but offers no significant advantage compared to others.

And don't get me started on quality ... yes it's good enough for many, but it is so far removed from a real camera that I can't imagine any real photographer using it.

My XZ-1 --> I LOVE carrying it around

My handphone --> I NEED to carry it around

While keeping the size, putting XZ-1 capability into my handphone is not possible. However, putting my handphone's simple basic functions (make a call and SMS) to XZ-1 is technically possible.

Maybe Olympus camera should merge with Nokia --> Nolympus or Olykia

Or merge with Blackberry

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