Upgrade PowerShot S70 to S100?

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Re: Upgrade PowerShot S70 to S100?

I also bought the S100 on Black Friday for $229.  My first Canon PS was an SD550, which still takes very good photos at low ISO.  The main problem was the lack of IS.  Next I bought an S90 which was a big step up and had IS (still have this too), then S95 which has been my pocket camera until yesterday.

I'm thrilled with the S100's improvements over the S95.  The wide end of the lens went from 28 to 24, the tele end from 105 to 120mm.  I was afraid the lens might be worse (see dpreview's review on this) but mine seems pretty sharp from center to the corner vertex.  The GPS actually works very well, almost on par with several of the Garmin units I have.  The 1080P video is not as sharp as my 5D Mark II or Mark III is, and 24fps is a bit jittery, but it's a LOT better than the 720P on the S95.

Here's an amazing picture, (well OK it's crap - a shot of S100 test pix on my monitor), but I handheld the S100 at 0.8 seconds!  I'd say the IS works pretty damn well.  Actually I've gotten good pix down in that time-region on the S95 too, but I was around in the shutter speed >= 1/focal-length days.

Open it up and use it, you will be glad you did.  There's many days I leave the 5D Mark's at home and just take the S series cameras.

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