Canon EOS M vs a entry dSLR (Rebel).

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Re: Canon EOS M vs a entry dSLR (Rebel).

Raymond Cho wrote:

Hi, I've seen how well even the dSLR capture photographs at the base ISO. If one is looking at cityscapes either bright sunlight or on a tripod at night (dusk/dawn). How does a EOS M compare to one of the entry level Rebels? Is the noise still ok for long shutter speeds? The only experience I have is a Canon A510 P&S so my knowledge is quite limited..

I understand the EOS M is a APC sized sensor. So a compare might be a EOS M vs a Rebel T2i/3i. Speed isn't the essence of course, just static images. Lowest ISO.


Hi Raymond

The image quality will be the same - as its effectively the same sensor. You should not see much difference at all between the current rebel series, the 7D, and the EOS-M in terms of image quality/noise etc. You will see a big difference between EOS-M and your A510.

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