Tell me your process from RAW to JPEG

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Re: Tell me your process from RAW to JPEG

I was a long time PC user, and had a very comfortable workflow with Adobe LR and Photoshop, and a lot of storage to save versions. I swapped to Mac a few years back, and at the same time my shooting needs changed.

Now I use Aperture / iPhoto to manage my photos.

Basically, I import the RAW files to iPhoto, and do a quick full screen review to delete obvious throw aways. Similar to one of the other posters, I also 5 star rate definite keepers.

I then open Aperture and do any RAW tweaks that I need (I find Apertures default settings pretty pleasing - although quite refrained on the NR). I delete any additional ones that I have decided not to keep after that.

I am limited for space (small SSD hard disk) and not to precious about keeping the original RAW, so at that point I export full quality JPG, re-import to iphoto, and delete the original RAW files. I then do any PP that I need (I do it in this order so I can maintain the unedited JPG as iphoto does automatically). I usually do any uploading from within iphoto/aperture which I believe is at full size.

Does anyone else have a canon RAW & mac workflow to share?

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