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Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Don_Campbell wrote:

I don't get why you start with Lightroom, move to PSE and then go back to Lightroom.

Lightroom does not have the ability to stitch panoramas.

Lightroom doesn't do as good a job of cloning out telephone lines as Elements.

There are other things that Lightroom doesn't do, or do as well, which is why I bought Elements.

When I'm done with the special functionality that Elements offers but Lightroom doesn't I resume my workflow in Lightroom.

Many of the video tutorials I have watched show gurus doing the same thing. They just do the special functionality in the full version of Photoshop instead of Elements.

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My point is do all the crunching you want on LR before whatever you finish off on PSE. Go from 16-bit per channel to 8-bit per channel and be done crunching.

When I've done panoramas on raw images I convert raw in RT4 using floating pt arithmetic. I adjust colors, do NR and sharpening and so on all in RT4 all with floating point math. Then I take them to a stitching program to stitch them at 8-bits per channel and I'm done. No more crunching.


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