How to justify the expense of Photoshop

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Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

wkay wrote:

has the basic PS functions to hone your skills with, then decide if you need additional PS features. Or maybe you can let us know now what PS will do that is essential for you.

Sounds like you want PS just to 'keep up with the Joneses' right now and cannot define any real advantage it will provide for you. Easy way to waste a lot of money.

I've mentioned earlier in the thread that I'd like 16 bit vs 8 bit conversions and action functionality so I can make use of all those that have already been created. At this point I'm not convinced those things are worth the expense though.

I started this thread in search of reasons, of which, I was not previously aware. I haven't really discovered any.

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I don't get why you start with Lightroom, move to PSE and then go back to Lightroom. I get wanting to maintain 16-bits per channel while you're manipulating pixels (NR, sharpening, white balance, yada yada) but I don't get what you're doing in PSE that requires returning to LR for any further manipulation. Returning for cataloging the image is another thing altogether.

I use RawTherapee's development version which does raw conversion and all image manipulation in floating point arithmetic--way more range than 16-bits per channel give you. When I'm done there sometimes do minor things in GIMP but rarely anything that means crunching the pixels at 8-bits per channel. When I'm done, I have an 8-bit per channel jpg but that's fine if I'm not doing additional pixel crunching. After all, once you're displaying on a screen or printing the jpg image is fine.


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