Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

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Re: too complex

I have the bellows set up, and everything works okay, except for a few things that are bugging me:

1) The FD 50mm/f3.5 Macro I picked up has some spots on it, which I didn't find until I stopped down a lot. Of course, it shows up in every slide I shoot, too. It's not sensor crud, I checked. I don't know if it's dirt or fungus in the lens somewhere, but I'm going back to the camera shop to see if they can clean it up.

2) I can just barely get a 35MM slide to fit in the frame with the macro racked all the way out infinity focus. To be honest, I think I'm losing ~2-3% of the slide somewhere. If I move the camera back any farther, I lose focus completely, and I can't get it back no matter what I do.

3) Phyically getting the FD Macro onto the bellows was a nightmare. It took me about 45 minutes of fiddling with it until it would finally connect properly. That's a very annoying mount in comparison to modern mounts.

4) The slide holder wobbles a bit on the end of the bellows, so if I don't set it just right, I wind up with either horizontal or vertical distortion, or both.

I'm glad I still have a target slide from an old copy of SilverFast, so that has made figuring things out a lot easier, but I see that I still have a lot to figure out.

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