Sony RX-1 FF vs X Cameras

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Re: Sony RX-1 FF vs X Cameras

I should admit what my experience hasn't taught me how to do.  Yes I can manually focus a lens and can make the X series cameras focus just fine (based on my expectation of how long it takes to MF) but here is what my experience doesn't allow me to know.

I took out my X-E1 today with the kit zoom and didn't have a clue how to change aperture.  I have never used a zoom before or any serious camera without an aperture ring.  And certainly never used a zoom with changing maximum apertures.  So us old foggies do have problems using the more modern conveniences.  I did finally figure out that the lens has an A or P switch that allows the closest ring to change aperture while in Aperture Priority.

Darned these newfangled automatic/electronic gizmos.  However I do like the fact that one of the bathrooms is not permanently shut down due to being full of chemicals, developing tanks and an enlarger however.  That is progress.

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