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Re: Maybe a dumb question ...

nikonFboy wrote:

Sante Patate wrote:

... but if you want the experience of using a film camera, why not use a film camera? An F100 in near new condition is half or less the price of a similar D200, and the difference between using the F100 vs the D200 is only that you can't change ISO shot-to-shot and you can't chimp.

hi, i dont want to go back to film, i want to take digital photographs in the way that i used to take film photographs, i just want to do it all myself, not let the camera do the thinking and working out.

Then out of my suggestions I've made earlier, I think you'd be happy with either a D7000 or a D300. both allow you to install custom Picture Controls and thus emulate film of choice - I've got Velvia, Superia, Superia Reala, Astia, Kodachrome II and Ektachrome on mine.

You can go B/W as well, with simulated color filters - if you don't have real ones

Slap an old AI lens on one of these bodies and you're golden.

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