Epson R3000 vs Pro 3880 - IQ and opinions (long)

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Re: Epson R3000 vs Pro 3880 - IQ and opinions (long)

Steve Dell wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Thanks Steve. Do you feel that it was necessary to get the Colormunki Photo? Do you profile your printer often, and are your results better than some of the better canned profiles and custom profiles?

I bought the CM Photo because I was creating my own profiles. Specifically, I needed one for Costco/Kirkland Glossy paper that I use as a commodity paper for 4 by 6's and such things for giveaways and the like.

I use primarily RR papers. The profiles that I've created seem a "touch" closer than theirs but it's hardly noticeable. However, when I tried profile their Polar Metallic, the CM's profile was not very accurate. I used RR's and it's great.

I know I need to calibrate my Apple 30 inch now that it's aging slightly so the the Colormunki Display version looks good. But I'm trying to decide if I really need to spend the extra $$ on the "Photo" version for my 3880.

As you know, Apple monitors are notoriously bright. Hopefully you can get the luminance down to an appropriate level. I calibrate my main monitor every two weeks and my secondary monitor every 4 weeks. (Secondary monitor is primarily for web surfing and holding Photoshop tools and the like.

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Steve Dell
Tucson AZ

Well, that was easy.  Sometimes I guess throwing money at a problem works.  I just got my ColorMunki Photo and calibrated my Apple HD 30" display.  The luminance target was 80 and my diplay easily hit 81, and would go a bit lower.

What a difference!  My display is now in line with the Epson paper profiles I've tried.  I'll play with the printer profiling this weekend, but I doubt I'll see much improvement with standard papers/profiles.

No more wasted paper and ink!


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