Best Canon DSLR starter for teenager

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Re: Best Canon DSLR starter for teenager

I am not sure that there was a need for the sarcastic remarks by some.  And I think a more close parallel is teaching kids math by having them memorize the multiplication tables vs. giving them a calculator to perform the same function.  And I do not want to turn this to comparing the merits of film vs. digital; I shoot digital myself and I favor it.  Anyhow, this way of starting was proposed to me by a master photographer and I found it very useful.  The idea of beginning with a basic film camera is specifically to force the teenager to focus of the fundamentals of photography and to prevent the attitude of gun-shooting, later fixing in PS, etc.  Also to limit the number of shots available and make the teenager slow down, compose carefully, evaluate exposure, metering etc.  In my case, with the little attention span my teen kids have, this was impossible to achieve with a digital camera.  The temptation to allow the camera to do all the measurements and to machine gun shoot is too alluring.  The instant feed back in my opinion is a negative in this case.  Your kids may be more disciplined, though. Regardless of what you choose, good luck to you.

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