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Re: First impressions

qksmith wrote:

am seriously thinking about the NEX 6 now, as it seem to fulfil a number of major shortcomings of the gx1 etc..

1. a compact zoom that works

2. pano mode

3. evf

and more with wifi.

will be interesting to see how that goes


I'm in the same situtation. The NEX 6 looks interesting as it has an inherent advantage of a larger (APS-C) sensor but there aren't many lenses worth buying except for the Zeiss 24mm. I would  considering the Panasonic DMC-GH3 if its focus tracking can keep up with aircraft at airshows, but this camera hasn't received a full review with production firmware.

I have a Canon 650D but am not happy with the high ISO output and preferred my old 40D. The ubiquitous OM-D dropped off my short-list owing to build quality issues, retro appearance and lack of in camera chromatic aberration correction (even my humble 650D can do this!). Frankly, I find the fanboyism and covert forum marketing associated with the OM-D repellent. The best advice would be to try a small APS-C and perhaps a semi-pro M43 (G5 or GH2/3) to ascertain which is best for you based on image quality and ergonomics. I'm still not convinced and may keep my 650D (or upgrade to a proper full frame 5DII) if the DMC-GH3 can't match phase detection for focus tracking.

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