How Fast Is The NEX-6?

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Re: How Fast Is The NEX-6?

Ray Maines wrote:

Anybody else care to share their thoughts about the NEX-6 compared to the speed of a DSLR?

More importantly, does it process one picture and ready itself for the next picture quickly enough to keep a DSLR user happy? ...Thanks.

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The AF speed is slower and less accurate than my 5D3, perhaps that's stating the obvious. But that's a fact in case some may still be wondering.

I might add that the Nex 6 consumes battery like my iPhone 4s  and that is bad. Unlike my Dslrs, if I carry the N6, I always carry a spare.     But if one was shooting heavily, my advice is to pack two spares. To conserve battery, set to the maximum power save and make sure you don't hang your N6 on your body otherwise the eye sensor will come on and eats up battery fast. Tilt it upward towards the light till it switches off by itself (10 secs or so), or turn the main switch off ( this might take a longer time for camera to come on again if you come across a special moment in an instant if you power it on again from scratch).

Btw, after acquiring this cute little thing, I am using my 5d3 or 1DX lesser and lesser even though the ultimate IQ and AF speed lacks behind my Dslrs. In fact, i cant bear the thought of carrying those toaster size beasts anymore. The N6 is more than adequate for most tasks, even for a lot of professional work.  There is so much the N6 can do it ...

I feel that I am in love again after over three decades of pro work. It's so romantic ... so rejuvenating and 'sexifying'.

The noise control is superb on the N6! And I just love the size, compactness and weight!! I never leave home without it ... but oh, I am not an American Express card user though, just borrowing a phrase.

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