Anyone replaced front rubber on T2i grip?

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Re: Anyone replaced front rubber on T2i grip?

aVolanche wrote:

I've seen lots of posts, but all involve sending the camera back to Canon.

That would be to get it done under warranty. If you don't want your camera to be in the hands of others for weeks, you're better off doing it yourself (only half an hour down time).

Has anyone done this themselves.

I did the full set on my 60D (the rubber can peel away near the shutter button on some bodies).

The grip rubber comes with a separate adhesive piece (thin, double-sided tape) in the package. I assume you apply the adhesive tape to the camera first...then the grip rubber.

Yeah, after you've ripped off the old rubber and adhesive, you peel the camera side of the new double-sided adhesive and press it onto the camera, then peel the rubber side of the adhesive and press the rubber onto it.

I'm guessing that putting the rubber onto the grip first would be difficult.

I guess you mean put the adhesive onto the rubber first. Yeah, no, don't do it that way.

Anyone? Tips?

It's not difficult, just fiddly. The hardest part is peeling the slippery stuff off the adhesive. I used a scalpel to lift a corner and get the peel started.

You don't have to be super precise in positioning the rubber, you can push it around a fair bit to get it to fit nicely all the way around. I used the end of the scalpel handle to press the rubber.

I got the parts from, with a spare TFT Display Window for when I need it.

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